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CMIV Software

Some research projects within CMIV produce software. Here is a list (incomplete) of mature software produced by researchers at the center.

MiaLite: Ultra-fast 3D Image Segmentation tool

MiaLite is a general-purpose image segmentation tool that uses an innovational level set algorithm, which allows the user to interactively segment various organs or lesions from a 2D/3D dataset. MiaLite is provided as a research tool for academic users. It supports both Windows and Mac platforms.

Segment - Software for Cardiac Image Analysis

Segment is an extensive software package for analysis of cardiac images. A few samples of the Segment main features are listed here.

Global function
  • Mycardial mass
  • Endsystolic volume
  • Enddiastolic volume
  • Stroke volume
  • Cardiac output
  • Ejection fraction
  • Peak ejection rate
  • Peak filling rate
  • Volume curve
Regional function
  • Radial contraction/expansion velocity
  • Regional wall thickness
  • Regional wall thickening
  • Regional fractional thickening
  • Automated calculation of scar percentage


MPI - Matlab Parallelization Toolkit

The Matlab Parallelization Toolkit is a toolbox for parallel calculations in Matlab. The intention of the toolbox is to provide easy means of writing parallel programs in Matlab, executing on a cluster or on multi-cpu machines. This toolkit is suitable where the amount of interprocess communication is low.

Several high level commands are available such as parallelized for-loops, eval, profiler and debugging. The strength of the toolbox compared to other implementations for parallel programming in Matlab is the support for parallel profiling, ease of installation and extensive error checking provided to aid parallel software development.

Tensor Array Toolbox

The tensor array toolbox was developed to enhance Matlab’s ability to store and manipulate arrays, such that each element in the array can be vectors or general tensors.

EVA - Educational Virtual Anatomy

Self-study material for use by undergraduate students in anatomy, developed by David Sinkvist and Helge Petersson (medical students), is available in preliminary version.

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