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CMIV seminars are open to everyone interested medical imaging and visualization. Talks are usually given by researchers, companies, doctors, phd- or master students.
Pre-dissertation: Helene van Ettinger-Veenstra
Mind your language, All Right? Performance-dependent neural patterns of language
CMIV Seminar by Fredrik Palm:
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Improved CT diagnosis of coronary disease
Chunliang Wang: "Computer Assisted Coronary CTA Analysis: from visualization to quantification" Rordigo Moreno: "Model-Guided Level Sets for Segmenting Coronary Arteries"
Hyperpolarized 13C Cardiac Metabolic Imaging
Andreas Sigfridsson PhD, ETH Zürich
Seminar: Image-based simulations of blood flow: Seeing what we believe, and believing what we see
Dr. Steinman is in Sweden to participate in the ESF Conference Images and Visualisation: Imaging Technology, Truth and Trust in Norrköping 17-21 Sept (
CMIV Seminar: Joesfine Björkmalm
Josefine Björkmalm will present her work "Detecting displacements in the insertion of different medical equipment with post-mortem radiology". After her presentation there will be a chance to look at and show the posters presented at ISMRM 2012.
CMIV-Seminar: Stephen LaConte
Titel: "Neurofeedback increases whole-brain signal-to-noise". Bio: Stephen LaConte is a member of the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and an Assistant Professor in the School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences. He received his BSEE in 1996 from the University of Denver and his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2002. He has co-authored over 30 papers in numerous areas of MRI-based neuroimaging. His current research is focused on using supervised learning techniques to develop real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging as a tool for performing adaptive experiments as well as for neurofeedback-based rehabilitation and therapy. Abstract: Overt actions allow us to interact directly with our environment. By definition, though, covert mental activity is unobservable by a third party and does not translate to action in the outside world. Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rtfMRI) is a nascent technology that can convert thought into action by transducing noninvasive brain measurements into a control signal to drive physical devices and computer displays, and enable neurofeedback. We have developed an rtfMRI system that is based on multivariate predictive models (e.g. support vector machines) that determine the relationship between the image data and the corresponding sensory/behavioral conditions (brain states). This talk will present three recent studies, in which we have found that subject-based control involved frontoparietal attention circuitry and increased the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of task-related brain activity. Importantly, the enhanced SNR was highly correlated to improved prediction accuracy of brain state classifiers, and because these classifiers serve as the control signal for neurofeedback, this work suggests the exciting possibility that brain-computer interfaces can be substantially enhanced by taking advantage of this effect.
CMIV PhD student seminar
Speakers Lena Forsberg: Systolic longitudinal left ventricular function 7 weeks and 6 months after transcatheter aortic valve implantation – do the patient improve their left ventricular function? Anders Eklund: Does Parametric fMRI Analysis with SPM Yield Valid Results? - An Empirical Study of 1484 Rest Datasets Janne West: Brain segmentation on multiple field strengths and MRI scanners
CMIV Seminar: Steffen Ross
Postmortem Radiology and Virtopsy The Virtopsy project was born from the desire to implement new techniques in radiology for the benefit of forensic science. The aim is to establish an observer independent, objective and reproducible forensic assessment method using modern imaging technology, eventually leading to minimally invasive "virtual" forensic autopsy. This presentation gives a brief overview about the differences between clinical and post mortem radiology, the techniques currently used for virtual autopsy and crime scene reconstruction and an outlook about possible future developments.
CMIV PhD student seminar
Speakers: Daniel Forsberg: Automatic measurements for idiopathic scoliosis Johan Kihlberg: Myocardial strain in healthy and infarcted tissue measured by DENSE Karin Lundengård: Building models of the AIC-ACC core network in the human brain: the begining Chair: Johan Kälvesten
CMIV-Seminar: Quantitation of osteoporosis using multislice and cone-beam CT
This seminar will focus on combining new acquisition techniques for in vivo imaging with development of suitable image analysis tools. Eva Klintström (Radiology IMH): Estimating trabecular bone structure parameters with computed tomography. Rodrigo Moreno (IMH/IMT): How to measure bone trabeculae - in gray-scale or black-and-white?
CMIV PhD student seminar: Gunnar Läthén
Gunnar Läthén, titel: Automatic Tuning of Spatially Varying Transfer Functions for Blood Vessel Visualization
CMIV PhD student seminar: Anders Tisell, Freddie Åström och Helena Gauffin
Anders Tisell: TBA Freddie Åström: "VED - Visualization Enhancing Diffusion" Helena Gauffin: titel TBA
CMIV PhD student seminar: Umut Kocak and Carina Stenman
Umut Kocak, titel: Real-time Physically Realistic Soft Tissue Deformation in Virtual Environments. Carina Stenman, titel: TBA
CMIV PhD student seminar: Robert Bhatt and Sven Petersson
Robert Bhatt, titel: "Moving Beyond Beauty: An Ethnographical study about Visual culture, Science and Medical innovation". Sven Petersson, titel: "4D flow MRI using spiral acquisition"
CMIV PhD student seminar: Thobias Romu och Anders Eklund
Thobias Romu, titel: "Robust Fat/Water-imaging using two-point Dixon, with applications" Anders Eklund, titel: "Comparing fMRI Activity Maps from GLM and CCA at the same Significance Level by Fast Random Permutation Tests on the GPU"
CMIV Seminar: Maria Engström
"Se dina tankar - en populärvetenskaplig föreläsning om hjärnans funktion".
CMIV Seminar: David Lawrence
David Lawrence, Managing Editor, Linköping University Electronic Press and Head of Department of Publishing Infrastructure, LiU Library will talk about "Publications in the Realities of a Bibliometric World".
CMIV PhD student seminar: Helene Veenstra
Titel: TBA
CMIV PhD student seminar: Oliver Cros
Titel: Structure of the air cell system in the mastoid bone.
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Stream tubes created from Diffusion Tensor MRI data, visualizing the connectivity in the brain. Images created by Anders Brun using techniques from the paper "Clustering fiber traces using normalized cuts" by Anders Brun et al.
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