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Interaction in medical image analysis and visualization

A workshop in conjunction with MICCAI 2007 (, to be held in Brisbane on Friday 2 November.




Although a general ambition is to make medical image analysis and visualization systems as automated as possible, the complexity of the human anatomy in the images frequently makes it impossible to achieve full automation with sufficient quality of the results. In particular, image segmentation often requires some human interaction, and in volume rendering interactive adjustment of transfer functions is common. Since modern medical image data tend to have three or more dimensions, and image display and interaction devices are predominantly 2D, the required interaction poses challenging problems.


09.00    Opening  (E. Bengtsson)
    A. Persson    Introduction 

Poster teasers   
09.45    Rocha    Viewpoint-Based Visibility Maximizing Flows
09.50    Oehler/Lo    The Role of Geodesics in Human-Computer Interfaces for 3D Surface Anatomy Assessment
09.55    Whited/Slabaugh    Pearling: 3D interactive extraction of tubular structures from volumetric images
10.00    Stawiaski    Combining Morphological and Graph Based  Methods for Multi-Label Segmentation
10.05    Vidholm    Hardware accelerated volume visualisation of parametrically mapped breast MRI data
10.10    Vidholm    Haptic interaction with deformable models for  3D liver segmentation
10.15    Fillard    "MedINRIA: Medical Image Navigation and Research Tool by INRIA "
10.20    Bornik    Time-Efficient Interactive 3D Segmentation Refinement: A Case Study
10.25    De Buck    Interactive augmented reality for cardiac  ablation therapy in the left and right atrium
10.30    Rettmann    Interactive visualisation of cardiac anatomy in catheter-based ablation therapy
10.35    Harders    An Optimized Surgical Planning Environment for Complex Proximal Humerus Fractures
10.40    Sun/McKenzie    Real-Time Simulated Sonography with Virtual Pathology for Augmented Standardized Patients

10.45    Coffee break   

11.15    Poster session (with demonstrations)   

12.15    R. Kikinis    Invited presentation: Interactive visualization for image guided therapy
13.00    Closing

ChairmanAnders Persson, Linköping, Sweden, Co-chairman: Ewert Bengtsson, Uppsala, Sweden, Program committee: Ingela Nyström, Stefan Seipel, Örjan Smedby, Anders Ynnerman, Hans Knutsson, Andrew Bradley, Andrew Mehnert.

Invited speaker Ron Kikinis, Director, Surgical Planning Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston

Registration through the main MICCAI web page (

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