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CMIV Neuro Club

The first Tuesday every month at 16.00, CMIV arranges seminars for students and researchers active in the field of neuro research and medical image science and visualisation.

Program 2012

February 7
Helene Van Ettinger-Veenstra, MSc

Language Impairment in Epilepsy — FMRI Investigations

Discussion Topics:
• Epilepsy patients show language impairment, but is the level of impairment of importance?
• Does (lack of) correlation between impairment and education, epilepsy onset/duration, and Topiramate treatment explain anything in small groups (< 30 patients)?
• Are altered activation patterns in right hemisphere in epilepsy related to language problems or to cognitive impairment?

March 6
Michael Chappell, PhD

'Functional Connectivity’ versus ‘Effective Connectivity’ in fMRI: Journal Club

May 8
Anders Eklund, MSc

Does Parametric fMRI Analysis with SPM Yield Valid Results? - An Empirical Study of 1484 Rest Datasets

Discussion Topics:
• Are the assumptions for parametric fMRI analysis appropriate?
• How does factors such as repetition time, smoothing and paradigm design affect the parametric analysis?
• Can non-parametric approaches be better than parametric approaches?

June 6
Bertil Wegmann, PhD

fMRI: What is Bayesian inference and how can it be used in brain research?

Discussion Topics:
• What is ‘Bayesian inference’ and how does it differ from ‘frequentist inference’?
• How can Bayesian inference be implemented in fMRI?
• How can information about brain connectivity be used as a spatial prior?

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