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Scientific Output

Scientific output from CMIV comes in the form of software, seminars, visualizations and publications.

In medical imaging and visualization, scientific results sometimes come in the form of computer software. In this area we try to keep links to some of the more mature software packages we have produced here at CMIV.

CMIV seminars are open to everyone insterested medical imaging and visualization. Talks are usually given by researchers, companies, doctors, phd- or master students.

Every month, research at CMIV generate a flow of images of the human body. In this database we store and describe some of the most interesting visualizations. We hope this will fascinate and inspire our visitors. At the moment we only have a few albums available, but more images will be available soon. Have fun.

An incomplete list of publications by CMIV researchers is provided.

CMIV is frequently hosting conferences and workshops within the field of medical image science and visualization.

The first Tuesday every month at 16.00, CMIV arranges dicussion seminars for students and researchers active in the field of neuro research and medical image science and visualisation.


Give us new eyes

Your generosity can change lives for ever. Perhaps even yours. To contribute to our progress, please contact:
Anders Persson
Phone: +46 (0)10 - 103 8906

Featured Research
MR Gall Liver :
A series of images from research aiming to enhance the diagnostic value of volume rendering images.
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