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This folder contains all CMIV related events.
CMIV PhD student seminar: Anders Tisell, Freddie Åström och Helena Gauffin
Anders Tisell: TBA Freddie Åström: "VED - Visualization Enhancing Diffusion" Helena Gauffin: titel TBA
CMIV Neuro Club: Rafael Holmgren, MD
Rafael Holmgren will start discussions on MRS of Basal Ganglia and MR-Volumetry in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH)-patients with Shunts
Master thesis presentation: Petra Bölander
Petra Bölander will present her master thesis in Radiation Therapy entitled: Myelin Segmentation using Quantifiation Resonance Imaging on the Brain.
CMIV PhD student seminar: Umut Kocak and Carina Stenman
Umut Kocak, titel: Real-time Physically Realistic Soft Tissue Deformation in Virtual Environments. Carina Stenman, titel: TBA
Half-time seminar: Daniel Forsberg
CMIV PhD student Daniel Forsberg will present his work entitled: Image Registration - Theory and Application. Opponents: Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard and Anders Eklund
CMIV Neuro Club
Half-time seminar: Anders Tisell
CMIV-Phd student will perform his half-time seminar entitled: The Non-Invasive Brain Biopsy
CMIV PhD student seminar: Robert Bhatt and Sven Petersson
Robert Bhatt, titel: "Moving Beyond Beauty: An Ethnographical study about Visual culture, Science and Medical innovation". Sven Petersson, titel: "4D flow MRI using spiral acquisition"
Master thesis presentation
Johanna Samuelsson will present her master thesis entitled: Visualization of Regional Liver Function with Hepatobiliary Specific Contrast Agent Gd-EOB-DTPA Examinator: Peter Lundberg
CMIV Neuro Club
Presenter: Ida Blystad, Radiology department
Summer School 2011 - Image registration
The Medical Informatics group at Linköping University will arrange this year's SSBA Summer School. The summer school provides an introduction to image registration and the design of efficient and stable state-of-the-art algorithms. It is based on FAIR – Flexible Algorithms for Image Registration and the publicly available FAIR toolbox (primarily designed as an academic and teaching tool) which enables easy access to even complex schemes. The summer school enables participants to use the software, explore existing registration techniques, and to design and develop new solutions for specific problems. The summer school also covers the integration of new problem specific features like mass-preservation and hyperelasticity. Based on important applications, particular demands on registration schemes are identified and the tuning of algorithm is demonstrated. The summer school provides educational material for training of students, clinicians and new researchers in the field of image registration. The targeted participants are clinicians, computer scientists, engineers, and all others with interest or demand for registration.
CMIV PhD student seminar: Thobias Romu och Anders Eklund
Thobias Romu, titel: "Robust Fat/Water-imaging using two-point Dixon, with applications" Anders Eklund, titel: "Comparing fMRI Activity Maps from GLM and CCA at the same Significance Level by Fast Random Permutation Tests on the GPU"
Half-time seminar: Sven Petersson
CMIV PhD-student Sven Petersson will perform his half-time seminar entitled: Quantification of disturbed cardiovascular flow. Expert reviewer: Docent Per Thunberg, Örebro university hospital and PhD Johan Renner, IEI / Linköping university
Half-time seminar: Pernilla Norberg
CMIV PhD-student will present her research on "Optimisation of lung SPECT according to early detection of pulmonary disorders" Expert reviewer: Fil Dr Anne Larsson, Radiofysik Umeå och Docent Tino Ebbers, Klinisk fysiologi, IMH / Linköpings universitet
Master thesis presentation: Mikael Forsgren
Mikael Forsgren will present his master thesis entitled "Human Whole Body Pharmacokinetic Minimal Model for the Liver Specific Contrast Agent Gd-EOB-DTPA".
Dissertation: Anna Hedlund
CMIV PhD student Anna Hedlund will present her thesis entitled "MRI Contrast Enhancement and Cell Labeling using Gd2O3 Nanoparticles". Opponent: Professor Lennart Blomqvist, KI, Stockholm
Dissertation: Chunliang Wang
CMIV PhD student Chunliang Wang will present his thesis entitled "Computer-Assisted Coronary CT Angiography Analysis - From Software Development to Clinical Application". Opponent: Dr Evert-Jan Vonken, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
CMIV Seminar: Maria Engström
"Se dina tankar - en populärvetenskaplig föreläsning om hjärnans funktion".
CMIV Seminar: David Lawrence
David Lawrence, Managing Editor, Linköping University Electronic Press and Head of Department of Publishing Infrastructure, LiU Library will talk about "Publications in the Realities of a Bibliometric World".
Pre-disputation Anna Hedlund
Thesis title: "MRI Contrast Enhancement and Cell Labeling using Gd2O3 Nanoparticles". The articles in the thesis will be discussed by 1. Linnea Axelsson 2. Anders Tisell 3. Helene Van Ettinger-Veenstra 4. Maria Ahrén
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